Roger Beale AO - Canberra Australian Artist

Art has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. I gain great pleasure in creating it, sharing it and, with my wife of many years, collecting the works of others.

My art is very much in the Western tradition – my influences are broad, ranging from the Baroque through urban realists like Hopper, Smart, and Amor to intimists like Hammershoi and Euan Uglow and the painters of the sublime and transcendental such as Martin Johnson Heade and Caspar David Friedrich.

The main themes in my art - art and life studies, city life, interiors and flowers, portraits and landscapes and the sublime are all represented here.  My sketchbooks are as close as I have ever got to keeping a diary. They reflect a busy life - too much of it perhaps spent in conference rooms around the world until I moved to painting full time in 2014.

 I would warmly welcome enquiries or comments

My current show is Humble House Gallery 93 Wollongong St Fyshwick ACT from 5-27 October

  • Roger Beale - Studio Balcony
  • Roger Beale - Lop Buri Cane Harvest Smoke Haze
  • Roger Beale - Apartment Courtyard
  • Roger Beale - Athen 6 PM
  • Roger Beale - Wild Poppy
  • Roger Beale - Chola Dynasty Statue
  • Roger Beale - Snowy Highway Landscape
  • Roger Beale - Truckstop 31
  • Roger Beale - Night Train Amsterdam
  • Roger Beale - Man 70
  • Roger Beale - The Family
  • Roger Beale - Sunset Poppies
  • Roger Beale - Productivity Commission Urban Water
  • Roger Beale - Wild Poppy Study 1
  • Roger Beale - Venice Stalker 1
Roger Beale Canberra Artist